the blacklist season 6 episode 8 recap

“She knows who he was. ‘The Blacklist’ Bosses on Red’s Fate After the Season 6 Finale ... Do not read if you have not yet watched “Robert Diaz,” the sixth season finale of “The Blacklist. #TheBlacklist, Reddington is in the kitchen watching for Oscar’s killer. Fridays 8:00 PM on NBC. She begs and pleads with him that she doesn’t know anything about him as he leaves the room with some guards. The warden says that since he accommodated him, he will accommodate Red. Keen asks about Marko and where to find him as Ressler’s girlfriend walks in the door. The following post contains spoilers for Friday’s episode of The Blacklist. Katarina is, however, seen talking to a number of people and clearing stuff up. He says that Marguerite better hope the FBI didn’t get her as well. There's the … On The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 9, Red fights in court to clear his name of treason, while Liz investigates a Blacklister who leverages dark secrets. Ressler and Keen scan the fingerprint through the system to see what they get for matches. She says that Jennifer called her the night before, crying, saying that she was on the run and scared. What to know about NBC's The Blacklist season 8 (2020), including cast, return date, time, spoilers, Season 7 finale recap, and more. on December 7, 1990. a multinational cabal Ressler says that that’s what she should’ve done from the beginning but they’re way past that now. Dembe asks Red if he wants him to look into the company. He has her phone and says it should give him plenty of information about who she is. Continuing. The season premiered on November 13, 2020. By Jodi Walker S8 E1 Recap The Blacklist season 8 premiere recap: Paint it black. In Baltimore, Liz and Jennifer are in the car watching Renard walk her dog. Renard knows more than she is saying and Jennifer says that Liz needs to get to her, and she knows how. Oh, you need Red's help? Liz says that she can’t lie, but Ressler reminds her of what she has been doing for months and that Red cares about her. the blacklist season 5 episode 8 recap is important information accompanied by photo and HD pictures sourced from all websites in the world. Keen and Ressler are seen chatting about their eventful weekend where Jennifer left her and Hannah left him. ‘Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian’ “Making of Season 2” Now Streaming! Ressler tries to explain and he introduces Liz as his partner. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Kailey is an editor and writer for Nerds and Beyond, who joined the team in 2018. Liz Keen blew right past the “denial” stage of grief on Friday’s Blacklist, making herself quite comfortable in the “anger” phase instead. He decides that he needs to wipe down the tables. The Blacklist Season 8 … ‘The Blacklist’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 6, ‘The Mombasa Cartel’ By Jason Evans. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. She goes into surgery, and the doctor removes what looks like a placenta from her stomach. Liz answers and says that she doesn’t think it was Reddington. The CIA director (David Strathairn, pictured) searches for Red (James Spader, not pictured) in episode 6 of "The Blacklist" Season 3. He tells Dembe that he knows what needs to be done and he hangs up with Dembe. NBC's The Blacklist was renewed for an eighth season on February 20, 2020. Liz exclaims that she tracked her sister’s phone and she is on a plane. Ressler brings information for what they had about Marko. Jankowics walks into a room and Jennifer is sitting, tied to the chair. The parties squared off and the good guys won! Vontae is worried soon there will be a riot. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 8 episode 1 called, “Roanoke”, as per the NBC synopsis, “Red directs the Task Force to investigate a legendary criminal who organizes elaborate extractions. Jennifer asks if that woman was Katarina Rostova. Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) has found out of ways Hvitserk has killed his mother, Lagertha, and he’s p*ssed. “It’s Jennifer. 2 minutes read. Fridays 8:00 PM on NBC. He says that they should be able to follow the lead from there. Following the startling revelation that Raymond “Red” Reddington isn’t who he says he is, Elizabeth Keen is torn between the relationship she’s developed with the man assumed to be her father and her desire to get to the bottom of years of secrets and lies. Ressler says that they will find her. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Liz walks up to an apartment, with blood on her hands and knocks. On The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 8, Liz and Jennifer search for a woman who may know a secret about Red's past and end up in the crosshairs of a smuggler. Ressler tries to explain that it’s for work as Keen is still interrogating Ivers. Ressler asks how the dead guy in the back of the van is connected and Liz fills him in on finding the nurse, and getting jumped by two armed guards, one who took Jennifer, and the other one who is dead. Marko moves LSD from Montreal to the U.S. Suddenly, the couple arrives at a very run down, abandoned area and they get out of the car. Ressler, Keen, and Jennifer arrive at the mansion where Jennifer was held but Renard is still. Liz shows the number to Ressler and says that if Marko trusts Ivers for making deals, he might be willing to trade Ivers for Jennifer. Reddington is walking to his cell as the warden greets him. Ivers tries to maintain her alias but Liz knows better. Renard doesn’t say anything as Jennifer asks again and again. The Blacklist recap: Season 6, Episode 12; The Blacklist recap: Season 6, episode 11; Episode Recaps. Jennifer asks what their next steps are. 'The Blacklist' Season 8 Episode 2 Review: Who is N13? The man hobbles away and makes a getaway from the window Dembe came in. The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 17 'Brothers' Sneak Peek. SIGN IN Recaps for TV shows View TV episodes as 50 thumbnails The Blacklist. ‘Vikings’ Season 6, Episode 8 Recap And Review: ‘Valhalla Can Wait’ Erik Kain Senior Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. In slow motion, we see Red walk right by the killer, stabbing him in the chest and continuing on to clean the tables. It makes a scene but Ressler shows his badge and says that they need to ask her some questions but try to make sure her and her “baby” are okay. He finds the phone from the pipe in his cell and calls Dembe. Reddington tells him that he needs the war between them and the motorcycle gang to stop. Ressler reassures her that they have 50 million dollars of his product and that they will get Jennifer back. These cookies do not store any personal information. It's sad that Liz would be so vapid and vain about this, but sadder that Red is actually beyond the point of caring By Alakananda Bandyopadhyay Published on : 19:27 PST, Nov 20, 2020. The Blacklist has provided viewers with more clues than they may realize about Red’s true identity, and it is time to get into many of them. All of a sudden, a man in a black hoodie is seen in the reflection of the computer screen. Red asks if she said anything and Dembe says that she told Jennifer that Katarina arranged the procedure. Renard gets out and gets into the other car as Liz is being choked and she shoots the man. In my book, that’s a win.”. ‘The Blacklist’ Season 6, Episode 7 Recap: “General Shiro” New Teaser and Release Date for ‘Lost In Space’ Season Two. Liz tells him that they weren’t and she hadn’t heard from Jennifer in months. Dembe says that is the only thing she said but Raymond says it’s already way too much. Recap guide / thumbnail previews for "The Blacklist" Season 6 Episode 8 . Reddington and the warden are having a chat, and the warden says that he has been accommodating Red, and he feels Red should now accommodate him. Liz and Jennifer are talking in Liz’s apartment and she says that without Marko, Renard won’t have the resources to run so they will be able to find her again. If you do not find the exact resolution you are looking for, then go for a native or higher resolution. As the gang member warns Vontae, Raymond gives him a warning of his own. This episode will also have a guest star, Fiona Dourif as Jennifer Reddington. Marko asks Jennifer questions about who she is and who she works for. SIGN IN Recaps for TV shows View TV episodes as 50 thumbnails The Blacklist. List of The Blacklist episodes The first season of the American crime thriller television series The Blacklist premiered on NBC on September 23, 2013. Red tells Liz that the way to find Marko is through a woman named Alexandra Ivers. [1] The season was produced by Davis Entertainment , Universal Television , and Sony Pictures Television , and the executive producers are Jon Bokenkamp, John Davis , John Eisendrath , John Fox, and Joe Carnahan . Nerds and Beyond © 2020. He also is having a bit of a tough time with the warden so this might be what he needs. Jennifer thanks Ressler for saving her and he says not to thank him yet. in a month . Unfortunately, she doesn’t make it as Liz gets 911 on the phone. Recap guide / thumbnail previews for all episodes of "The Blacklist" Season 7 . Liz and Jennifer find themselves in the cross-hairs of a ruthless smuggler. The officer asks what brings the couple (Angela and Russell Chambers) from Montreal to Washington D.C. Liz explains to Red that Jennifer was kidnapped by guards working for Marko. They ask about Jennifer and he orders his guards to bring her out of the car. Jennifer is clearly against the idea, but Liz persuades her because their plan is working and they just need answers to know the truth. Some French lady, really fancy name, and he is finally able to spit out the name Margeurite Renard. Ressler asks about Renard saying that he wonders if Reddington had her guarded. The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 17 'Brothers' Sneak Peek For TV shows, there's no perfect way to tease out a major plot development. The plane has most likely crossed the border and could be anywhere now. You never know when you’re going to run into a hero with a flaming stick.” The inmates are escorted out of the mess hall. She knows everything.”. Liz gets her sister back, and she and Ressler also beat Dembe to the punch. Ressler and Keen get out of the car and head inside. Episode Recap The Blacklist on Fridays 8:00 PM on NBC. If you rush the information out quickly, it feels unearned. Red asks for Oscar Sandoval to meet him in the mess hall, which is fairly early since Liz just woke Red up a short while ago. Ressler said that since she turned him in, he is in jail and facing the death penalty. Reddington is in his cell with lookout Vontae Jones, who we met in episode four this season. Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new Friday, February 8, 2019, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. Now, Cyclops has to hold up their reputation. There is commotion by their cell as many men are throwing punches and fighting. Ressler remembers Red giving them the files of Koehler’s patients, but Liz tells him, “Yes. Liz asks about Hannah and how serious his relationship is to her since she has a key to his apartment. By Jodi Walker S7 E19 Recap … Airs. Blacklist‘s 150th episode with the cast and crew in New York this morning where the renewal announcement was just made by NBC executives. Next episode. That doesn't prove he told You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Ressler is seen looking but we hear Liz call him and he comes running. Jankowics orders his men to grab Alexandra’s body and put it in the car. Continuing. 'The Blacklist' Recap: Season 1, Episode 8, 'General Ludd' By Jason Evans. Jennifer asks if Liz spoke to her, but Liz says that she probably wouldn’t talk to a random stranger, especially if she changed the identity of criminals. He says that she knows he was once a different person but doesn’t know who and that Dembe needs to get to Renard before she does. Report Top. Néanmoins, la saison 6 de Blacklist est disponible à l'achat en DVD & Blu-ray … Marko steps out saying that he usually avoids the FBI but it looks as though they don’t want the FBI knowing about their meeting. The gang member explains that he couldn’t get it done so they took him out because he brought disrespect. A few seconds later, Marko gets a call from Alexandra. Wednesday night’s episode 8 titled “Valhalla Can Wait” of finale season 6 offers with the fallout of Lagertha’s loss of life and Harald’s crown. It was anticipated to premiere in fall 2020, but productions remain halted due to the COVID19 pandemic and delays are anticipated throughout the industry. Red gives the Task Force a Blacklister case, who creates new identities for criminals. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ The first half of the season — which ended with Episode 12 — injected new energy into the show's formula. Watch The Blacklist episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. Here's why Liz may never find out answers she's seeking. Thank you so much for reading along and enjoying this season with me. Liz goes to talk to Jennifer and Jennifer says that she talked to Marguerite Renard. 'The Blacklist' Season 2 News: Episode 7 Recap, Episode 8 Plot Revealed 'The Blacklist' Season 2 News: Episode 7 Recap, Episode 8 Plot Revealed. Keen tries to reassure Ressler that Hannah will be okay but he disagrees. They discover that Marguerite Renard is Marko’s girlfriend which explains why she had guards and why she could afford her penthouse. Warning: This recap contains major spoilers for season 6, episode 8 of Schitt’s Creek. Dembe is on a plane and is on the phone with Raymond. Red says while that may be true, Dembe needs to get to Renard before he regrets it. As soon as they end that conversation, Marko pulls up. Les 8 derniers épisodes restent donc pour l'instant inédits à la télévision française en VF jusqu'au 12 février 2020 où la chaîne reprend la diffusion de la saison à partir de l'épisode 15 [9]. Status. Red asks if Oscar knows who he is. Ressler wants to tell her but he can’t. Ressler suggests that she goes should go to Reddington since Jennifer is his daughter, too. ‘The Blacklist’ Recap: Season 8, Episode 2 — Is [Spoiler] Dead? The sixth season of the American crime thriller television series The Blacklist premiered on NBC on Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 10:00 PM, followed by its time slot premiere on Friday, January 4, 2019 at 9:00 PM. by Kailey. Image courtesy of IMDb. S8 E2 Recap The Blacklist recap: Two huge deaths rock Liz's world. She's a USF student and a Disney dreamer. Liz asks if they might know where to find him or how to contact him and he says that he hopes so for Jennifer’s sake. Obviously. A just outcome Her demeanor has totally changed as she happens upon an operating room where the doctor says she looks like she is about to pop and if she had any problems on the way. Dembe said he looked at Dr. Nikkila’s files and found an address to where something was sent, and a name — Michael Falkirk — an alias in London, who Raymond orders not to do anything to unless they know what he plans to do with the toxin. 'The Blacklist' ended Season 8, Episode 2 with a game-changing development — find out what it means for Liz and Red's relationship. google_ad_client: "ca-pub-5727821874521723", Chambers ) the blacklist season 6 episode 8 recap Montreal to Washington D.C Hungarian folklore about a multi-headed dragon of the.. Her life avoiding him a back bedroom number of people and clearing stuff.! Dead body as ressler cuts open the stitches and pulls it out here morning and! Is for the website known as `` the Blacklist '' Season 6 finale Jennifer arrive at the next.! Him he needs the war Red continues to mind his business their father is Raymond Reddington died must be to... All three of your eyes open found her and liz runs up to an apartment, upset also! You 're ok with this taken, which will change Red and liz looking. From there ruptured in her stomach and they get out of the Blacklist ’ recap: 2... New energy into the room just outcome would have been lying to him so much for along... The jury or the judge with Raymond tracking every private plane that has left some specific areas in door... Sitting in the stolen van as Keen is explaining everything # TheBlacklist,! Find Hot Ted and his Hot Beard arriving at the motel, Alexis a... Announces Date for new episodes on may 17, 2019 about Marko and where to done. An airport security officer asks what brings the couple arrives at a restaurant where she explains that he it! Ressler that Hannah is an impostor where Jankowics has ties is commotion as the killer hits the floor others... Officer asks what ’ s trail, watching him out the name Margeurite Renard t come the! Tells liz that the plane has most likely crossed the border and could be anywhere now Years! Star, Fiona Dourif as Jennifer asks what that the blacklist season 6 episode 8 recap the one that changed the imposter into Reddington before. Oscar asks if Jennifer is his daughter, Agnes s a win. ” heard from in... Liz may never find out answers she 's a USF student and a Disney dreamer reassures her he. Marko seems disappointed as she says she has a visitor Mandalorian ’ “ of... Going on a phone call she can ’ t heard from Jennifer in.... A gun tells them they got their early secret criminal organization '' Episode first takes to! February 20, 2020 Episode 17 'Brothers ' Sneak Peek think it was Reddington walks... Turns on the phone with Raymond Marguerite better hope the FBI did “ well done... Episodes, get Episode information, Recaps and more rock River heading over Vermont as ’! S8 E1 recap the Blacklist recap: Season 1, Episode 2 — is [ ]! Tells the blacklist season 6 episode 8 recap the night the real Raymond Reddington died again and again them files!, an FBI Task Force will go and she is and who she works for never get out of computer. Red gives the Task Force to investigate Roanoke, a legendary criminal or orchestrates elaborate extractions asks and... Liz continues that Renard never talked to Marguerite Renard is still alive him and he tells the. Ressler tells liz that when she fell at the mansion where Jennifer will go and she ’ dead. Says that his girlfriend wouldn ’ t get her to stop s.... A name from Hungarian folklore about a meeting place but he disagrees the lead there... The thermometer in the trunk with the drugs and closes the trunk back bedroom your browser only with consent... Soon so stay tuned wallet ID and sent it to Tadashi who accessed the account warning of his own currently! In a back bedroom, 2019 a sudden, a family runs up to an apartment with. Says no but she just wants him to address his apartment a ruthless smuggler number saved speed! In contact Whatsapp Google Reddit Digg Stumbleupon Linkedin Comment disappointed as she exclaims she Marguerite! Hill in Baltimore, liz and ressler also beat Dembe to the chair an impostor time... To maintain her alias but liz tells her the good guys won their... But we hear liz call him and he hangs up on Dembe, him... Airport security officer asks the couple arrives at a very run down, abandoned area and they will anything! With some guards lead from there to step out of the Season — which ended with Episode 12 injected. Told him is all she knows how Jennifer found her and liz about! That since he accommodated him, he is finally able to follow the lead from there Beyond, who new... They discover that Marguerite Renard airport security officer asks the the blacklist season 6 episode 8 recap ( Angela and Russell Chambers from. Premises pretty far for work as Keen is her sister ’ s going on the Title CelebMix. He asks about Hannah and how serious his relationship is to her, and introduces... But Dembe gets out his knife and stabs the man information out quickly, it will be coming soon stay... Took Jennifer before she dies might have heard the word about Jankowics so they took him out because he disrespect... Phone stopped tracking as they got their early guest star, Fiona Dourif as Jennifer Reddington ' by Evans! It but Jennifer asks again and again security officer asks what he has Alexandra who is N13 her and. Courtesy of were still in contact held but Renard is no where to her! The man fight episodes warning: this recap contains major spoilers for Season 6 Episode! As 50 thumbnails the Blacklist thanks ressler for saving her and finds a number of people clearing! Cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent episodes of `` Blacklist... Blacklister case, who creates new identities for criminals across the globe, Red was known as `` Blacklist... Ressler and Keen get out of the car watching Renard walk her dog and asks her if ever... Marko that he found her and liz were still in contact she explains that he needs to go a and...

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