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In July 2020, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Chobani for allegedly falsely advertising that vanilla is the sole flavoring ingredient in Chobani Vanilla Coffee Creamer when, according to plaintiffs, the ingredients list reveals that the creamer contains more unspecified “natural flavors” than “vanilla extract.” (Gaskell et al v.. Chobani… We keep our creamer simple and delicious with only natural ingredients and no added oils. I thought it was natural vanilla, Please add me I have bought this creamer before. Product tasted very strange, I could tell something was off. Sign up for our free newsletter. Would Chobani find themselves at fault and correct their wrongs; or is the correction going to come, only because of this lawsuit. I bought this product a few times thinking it was real vanilla, plus I like Chobani. I buy this 3 times a week probably. The plaintiffs say the front label does not disclose these flavors to consumers.