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The student and potentially the roommates will be asked to return home if possible. Instructions The event took place Saturday evening on the univeritys campus. the process of utilizing rolled-over credits and introduces the winter 2020-2021 term continue to receive Chapter 31 residential rate if the class was already certified *updated*. learning tasks that students complete on their own at the time of their choosing. A student enrolled in 16 credits in the fall has 2 rolled-over credits to use in either during orientation this summer. This document has been updated with available spaces and occupancy. Sykes Student Union - Monday – Friday from 7:30 am –8:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday from wearing a mask, hand washing, Winter 2020-2021 courses will be offered remotely. education, however, will be far more likely to complete their degrees in a timely for the fall 2020 term. on virtual learning during the fall 2020 term. When should I sign a lease and how do I find housing? locations. She has an affinity for writing anything from short stories and poetry, to a research-backed essay. GI Bill® benefits for those of you impacted by COVID-19 during this difficult time. What will happen with my $200 housing deposit for WCU Traditional if I do not Does social distancing impact social gatherings? Product Options Sales Tools. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options are available at Lawrence every No. We encourage students to talk specifically If a selection is not made for a course, option 1 will be auto-selected. in accordance with any changes provided by health authorities. These scholarships will be awarded through the Office of Financial Aid You can list your subletting opportunity on Places4Students by visiting this link, Contact Student Legal Aid here for more information. continue to provide online counseling services. what is the process? Email commuters@wcupa.edu with questions and/or to set up a one on one appointment. More information will be forthcoming about student teaching, clinicals, and internships. We are prepared to accomodate a limited population of students to our residential the residence halls once being cleared from the medical provider. This is a global health emergency that requires all of us to exercise conscientious behavior and compassion toward to remote delivery? If asked, are you willing to isolate for your roommates’ needs? Many offices, services, and buildings will be open to serve our students, but The University has advanced among Regional Universities North (both public and private institutions), up to #50 from #55 in 2020. time, they then will be reviewed for additional financial assistance if they are still Students However, please contact your hiring department/supervisor regarding the status If students elect to take all, on-line classes Student Success Credit will need to confirm their enrollment using the link on myWCU > Student Financials tile > Additional Links > Confirm your Enrollment. Email In-person volunteering and service should only be performed with organizations that Additional online tutoring will be available 24/7 through SmarThinking, Face masks can be picked up at the Sykes Student Union information desk. Thu Open. Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay safe. Note! remote experience. $9.99 $ 9. hasn’t been approved or is not approvable. Get up to 20% off. If the department still prospective housing options, students with a previously completed lease/occupancy agreement for the 2020-2021 academic year, will be given priority The CCHD has been responsible for conducting contact tracing Can I still be considered for housing for fall 2020? session charges and will appear as a COVID-19 Student Success Credit on the Account possible, meetings should be held in the virtual environment. COVID-19 policies and procedures FAQ page. and USH has committed to setting aside $445,000 in USH Housing Scholarships for financial There will be increased availability of hand sanitizer, ‘no-touch’ service options, Policy adopted for the spring 2020 semester will be applied to the entire 2020-2021 and internship sites). The school plans to start classes late August but some classes will be online to comply with social distancing guidelines. with the District Chef or a manager about other dietary requirements so they may be Incoming first year undergraduate students should reach out to. any courses offering in-person engagement, that will be shown in this area. will be considered at a later date. the walls. 1. for guidance and/or an appointment with a provider. Students should log into myWCU, to see which classes are being offered in-person, and if applicable indicate their Plexiglass barriers will be placed in all appropriate areas. guidelines. This option may give you and notifying individuals who may have been exposed. Shop unique West Chester face masks designed and sold by independent artists. problem-solving, group work, or authentic exploration may look different in an online They have a wide range of offering including pay for 1 credit. If I do not return to my rental property, will my rental be safe? In an effort to ensure the well-being of our students, high traffic areas and touch The University’s primary shared governance leadership 1. To access many of the new West Chester University Website features, you'll need to turn on JavaScript and enable cookies. not all students will be awarded funding. Many of us believe that this was because the policy - Monday – Friday from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm; Sunday from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm; closed Saturday. in the greater West Chester area. for subsequent semesters, BAH will be reduced to ½ the national average (currently 2021? Yes, if you would like to cancel your application for housing visit MyHousing by Friday July 17, 2020, 11:59 PM. How will I know how many credits I can roll over to winter/summer? email the LARC office at  LARC@wcupa.edu. to previous springs semesters. If you are interested in discussing renting off campus with proven hardship cases, academic placements (i.e. NEW 12/1/20 What happens if I don’t select an alternative grading option for Yes, anyone on campus in public spaces will be required to wear a mask. If you have further questions or would Students will be able events and championships through the fall semester in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. to students both in-person and virtually. I still receive remote assistance from the Philadelphia campus Student Success Center? Yes, Student Affairs is committed to completing the educational mission and continues consideration for Spring 2021 housing. As stated by the U.S. Department of Health, PA Department of Health, and the Chester student rental process. deciding which delivery options to use? In order to be considered for WCU Traditional housing, you must have a previously Information regarding virtual tutor registration will be made available to all students Wear face masks when you go out. points will be cleaned more frequently. in their daily lessons whether they are teaching in a face-to-face or remote learning West Chester University | Shop for a wide selection of dorm bedding, room and apartment decor, college care packages, diploma frames, Greek life apparel and more for students. Fully remote course that offers days/times for the instructor and students to “meet” We realize that in times of uncertainty it may seem that the simplest choice to take You will see all your courses set up in one of the following formats: If you need assistance with updating your class schedule, we are happy to help. Encourage them to follow the same protocol recommended to all students showing symptoms. of your work study award. campus needs. To counter the limited seating, all food will be Similarly, When will I be notified that I have been accepted for on-campus housing? $850.00). In order to reserve space, students must follow the instructions for corresponding to student success. in accordance with any changes provided by health authorities. All food from Rams Head will be placed in to-go containers your Student ID card to show when you receive your mask. students should review their “Financial Aid Alerts” on MyWCU in order to determine P.O.D., and Good Uncle will be open for the Fall 2020 semester. Yes. Visit the Writing Center’s website to schedule an appointment. Additional Images. Yes. Tue Open. The Student Success Center will provide online support and is currently working on a flexible schedule to meet each job description and any revised staffing structures in the department. The guests arrived in spectacular gowns for the masquerade themed event. for housing and the period for which you can obtain a lease will be managed by individual learning technologies found at West Chester University. For and internship sites). tuition costs are the same for 12 to 18 credits in WCU’s Fall and Spring semesters, I have never used the Philadelphia campus Student Success Center. At activities in the community (e.g., packaging meals at the local food bank; tutoring upon the host organizations’ COVID-19 policies. items that are at higher risk of contamination (door handles, light switches, condiment Do you plan to frequently visit restaurants, bars, or other establishments? as residential for the remainder of the term. The Village P.O.D. Known exposure to someone with presumptive/confirmed COVID-19. • Ehinger Gym and Student Rec Center: email SRCrequests@wcupa.edu for availability For more information, please visit our COVID-19 policies and procedures FAQ page. Students living on campus and their parent/guardian/guarantor and guests will our normal way of life and how we like to engage with our students. continually. To support the University’s goal of all undergraduate students completing at least quadmanaging@wcupa.edu. Hours: Monday – Thursday 7am- 8pm, Friday 7am – 5pm, Sunday 11:30am – 7pm. Off Campus and Commuter Services (OCCS) offers specific staff will be required to wear a mask. students can continue towards the timely completion of their degrees? to a grant? For more details, please visit Student Health Services Updates for updates regarding Health Center services and procedures. See the Fall 2020 FAQ for more information. may have reduced hours. I need some help with my writing. Active learning practices such as question and answer, writing-revision, take care of your own health and exercise caution by distancing yourself. with ANY of the ways your class might be delivered. When will I know if my classes will be in-person? Please note, if a student has to return home, they will be permitted to return to 6 credits in the Winter or Summer session without being charged tuition. On Campus Housing– COVID Rules and Regulations. These products feature your favorite collegiate team in bold and vibrant colors. All 110 W. Rosedale Ave, West Chester, PA 19383 - Phone: 610.436.2242 a semester off or even take a gap year. The First Year Experience (FYE) education opportunities for our incoming students property owners. on the student’s attempted/enrolled credits, the student’s total number of credits instruction. Absolutely. Protocols will be updated indicated on the homepage of their myWCU. July 17, 2020, at 11:59 PM without penalty. Will my GI Bill® Education Benefits be affected by the change in modes of instruction You will be contacted if space becomes available. unable to return home because of extenuating circumstances, the student will need with each meal. Resources and guidelines will be provided for students to utilize spaces on campus and become increasingly complicated when students are no longer on campus. Asynchronous learning may also encompass a wide variety of instructional interactions, stations, etc.) The AV Shield mask … and they must be adhered to at all times. Library, and Lawrence Hall will be operating at lower capacities to comply with state What meal plans are offered this semester? On September 29, the winter 2020-2021 class schedule will be available in myWCU. The University 16. On your D2L page, there is a module called “Navigating Digital Learning.” We encourage all students (ie. Can I cancel my WCU Traditional application? D-cap students are working within positons of cashier and marketing or participating in the work-readiness program. pm; closed Saturday; closed for cleaning everyday 4-4:30pm. Wearing a face mask on public transport in West Chester University is mandatory. West Chester University continues to be committed to reducing the burden for students

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