toxic fume warning light clio

It has happened on a 2 mile trip to tesco as well. umm just the light came on and it overheated once, then the light stayed on from then so took it to the garage. Recently the Toxic fume light and engine light have started coming on and the car stalls when idling, this tends to happen when it has been on a longish (10 mile) journey and then left for half and hour and used again. Secondly/Thirdly, two warning lights have now appeared on my dashboard. Clio 1.2 2008 toxic fume filter warning light has com on what does this relate to - Answered by a verified Renault Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. mine keeps coming on too so need to get it checked out. toxic fume filter system warning light worry. The toxic fume filter waring light came on in my 06 clio today when I started it up and flashed on and off for about a minute then stopped. Calls may be monitored and/or recorded I have a Renault Clio Dynamique 2005 - my toxic fume warning light just came on. Hope not too costly :-( clancy MK3 GTI golf 16v ... ive got a 2003 clio mk2 1.2 16v. The toxic fume light might take a few mins to go back out though. If it lights up continuously, consult your approved dealer as soon as possible; if it flashes, reduce the engine speed until the light stops flashing. Is it something to do with the exhaust? This warning light came on this morning. For vehicles equipped with this option, the light comes on when the ignition is switched on then goes out. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. I've had a look in clio drivers handbook and it say's it is the "Toxic fume monitoring warning light". What does that mean? All the best. 2006 Renault clio, the Toxic fume warning light keeps flashing on and off while driving and every now and then the car feels like it's juddering Posted by Helen on Jan 26, 2015 2006 Renault clio, the Toxic fume warning light keeps flashing on and off while driving and every now and then the car feels like it's juddering. Sales Enquiries 0330 159 1111. Hi Guys, My Partner has a Renault Clio 1.6 Automatic, 2002 petrol engine. ). The manual states that one is the toxic fume warning light, and the other is the electrical fault light. Toxic Fume Filter System Warning Light. To change out just a case of undoing the 10mm bolt and pulling the coil pack out, replace with a new one (about £25 - 30 from most motor factors) bolt back up, re connect the wiring connector and fire the car up. 03 numbers are charged at national call rates and included in inclusive minute plans from landlines and mobiles. Is this the same as the "toxic fume filter system warning light"? Thanks for any help Lisa x I got a bit of polythene plastic caught underneath a couple of days back (and a pedestrian pulled it off the car as I couldn't stop on a red route - how civil minded was that?! Hello. Since these have been on, the car appears to have lost a significant amount of … Renault Clio - Toxic Fumes warning light. It was fine all the way home however bit worried why it came on?

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