what to avoid when buying a pontoon boat

There’s also a lot more information you need to get to grips with on how to make your final selection. In addition to size and type of pontoon boat, there are some other factors to look into when picking which one you want. If you have been renting out pontoon boats a lot and are thinking about purchasing your own, then... Continue Reading. If for some reason you’re not a fan of your seats, you can always purchase new ones and have them installed. So there you have it. You will need to do a lot of research before deciding whether a certain pontoon boat brand and model is one that you avoid or choose to go with. I have listed advice on: For more detailed information on each point, go check out my pontoon boat basics 101. Only consider ads for boats that you can view in person. If the pontoon you are buying carries a National Marine Manufacturer’s Association sticker then you know it’s been designed and built to the national quality guidelines and standards. If that is not versatile then we do know what is. I hope it’s given you that confidence! Our Buying a Used Boat Checklist. What is a Playpen Cover for a Pontoon Boat? There is a lot of storage space for your fishing gear as well as space for a cooler, towels, and other necessities for the day. To help you with your decision-making process, I’d like to refer you to some of the more in-depth content on Pontoonopedia that I encourage you to read in full before you pull the trigger on a purchase. You can expect to see prices ranging from $25,000 (good entry point for new pontoon boats) all the way up to $50,000 (good entry point for new sport boats). That includes talking to other pontoon boat owners. Pontoon boats are super easy to drive compared to other boats because they have simple control panels and steady handling. For example, if you want to buy a pontoon boat for fishing then avoiding buying a model that is meant for watersports. What else would you call a boat you take day-fishing in the morning, grill on during the day, and then host a party on at night? Chris bought his first boat a few years ago and he has been learning about boating and boat care ever since! Pontoon boats are a great bang for your buck because you will be able to do so much with just one boat. These are just a couple of tips; there’s a lot more to it. A question I’ve been asked a few times over the last year is if there are any pontoon boat brands to avoid. Why plenty of seating is of paramount importance. Virtually anything that has been manufactured in the last couple of decades will have been engineered to the highest standards and passed the relevant safety ratings. Ah, yes. Well, the same applies when it comes to buying pontoon boats. Listen to how smooth it sounds while running. Tips include: Read my family-friendly guide to choosing a pontoon boat if you have kids. Is it never a good idea to buy a boat without viewing it in person before any money changes hands. In Floor Ski Storage. Boaters in seasonal areas of the country should avoid purchasing in the spring or early summer—instead, opt to buy in the fall, when dealers may throw in the bonus of paying for your winter storage. In Floor Ski Locker or Storage area are more common on high end triple pontoon boats. For groups larger than 10 people = 24 feet or larger. And finally, it’s time to buy! In fact, let’s find out how much an average pontoon boat costs. After discussing the details, have the boat surveyed before any money changes hands. Every boat is different, but as a general rule of thumb pontoon boats tend to stay flat or bank out, unlike the inward bank of a V-hull. You need to do your own due diligence by looking under the console and deck to see what the workmanship is like. Stay away from bright covers that can bleed into your pontoon boat’s upholstery. When buying a new boat, you will have more freedom to customize your boat and get exactly what you want. Which factory options you should choose for you. You would never buy a used car without knowing its … I’ve been running boats since I was 10 years old. First and foremost, a pontoon boat is about having plenty of seating space. Now that you know what to avoid when you are buying a pontoon boat, be sure to take the time to look over safety rules and guidelines for your pontoon boat. When he's not running the boat, he's likely anchored up along the beach with his wife, kids and good friends enjoying a great day at the coast. However, no matter how you look at it, even on the “cheaper” side of the spectrum, you are still looking at paying $18,000. Pontoon boat seats tend to be cushioned and very comfortable. Don’t expect to whip around tight coves in a pontoon boat. There are vast amounts of pontoon boats for sale in Alberta to right across Canada & the USA at the boat shows.

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