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But we switch planes in Texas do we still need a negative Covid test? Hope this information is helpful to those still waiting for authorization forms. Well she is not alone. Flying from Kansas, my wife and I are planning to travel to Montego Bay and Negril August 28. Amelia, World Nomads. Montego Bay, Jamaica, 04 December, 2019 // Sangster International Airport (SIA). Just want to say to you all Please stay safe. I will be travelling from Jamaica to Florida with a connecting flight through Fort Lauderdale in a couple days time. AMERICAN AIRLINES 1 800 744 0006 BW 039 MBJ - FLL Need a test? This was the second year in a row MBJ hosted the Art of Reggae Exhibition, founded by the late Michael “Stylee” Thompson and fellow graphic designer Maria Papaefstathiou to showcase submissions from artists across the globe that pay homage to reggae music and support a vision of building a Reggae Hall of Fame in Downtown Kingston while raising awareness for the Alpha Boys School, a longstanding incubator of world-class musicianship with many legends among its alumni. Hello, All the best, Amelia, World Nomads. Hi Sir, How are you? Could our 2 weeks on the resort count as quarantine, or do we need to quarantine once we leave the resort? Also, is it possible to go shopping? Hi, I am due to fly out to Jamaica from the U.K. on 1st July . Sir, I wanted to do this in Jamaica at the moment. Friday, September 08 B6 926 MBJ-FLL hi I'm traveling to jamaica from New York to attend a funeral. Check the VisitJamaica website to see which category of traveler you fall under, and make sure you follow all the requirements of your airline as well: We do not want to go if we have to wear a mask on the beach or while checking out the island's shops, resort pools, restaurants, etc. Cheers, I am Azizur Rahman Ripon. I have just checked the latest information online, and it says that from 20 August all residents of the USA will require a pre-departure COVID-19 test. I am a travel agent with 26 years of experience dealing with Jamaica, and what we have right now is a Nightmare scenario. The courtyard outside the departures terminal surrounding the new I Love Montego Bay sign was transformed for the soiree with a stage and red carpet and tents displaying the reggae posters. MBJ Airports Limited also recommends that industry partners make contact with the Airlines regarding flight operations prior to transporting guests to the airport. I’m traveling from California early October, I will be staying with relatives for 1 week do I need a COVID test or will I have to quarantine, I plan to travel to the USA, (New York to be exact ) on August 11, 2020. Thank you so much for sharing these insights. I am a green card holder on a UK passport in NYC and mine is still pending... wondering if there are additional checks for UK passports vs US? I have a house outside of Black River, on Parrotte Beach. Hi P Smith, AS JAMAICA makes preparatory steps to reopen the tourism sector and, by extension, the country’s borders, more stringent measures are proposed to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The “Trashion Show” followed with contestants representing 10 companies operating at Sangster International Airport. In this PDF (, under the heading "Specific Protocols – Beach" staff must "Indicate to guests that face masks are optional for adults on the beach and discouraged for children" Hi Prior to check-in and boarding a flight to Jamaica, all passengers require Travel Authorization. We are only providing updates once they have been verified online from government travel advisories or other sources such as the IATA ( To understand how this may impact cover under your policy, please go to our FAQs and select your country of residence. MBJ operates SIA under a 30-year concession awarded in 2003 and provides employment for approximately 7,000 Jamaicans. But, that's just me. i have awarded some scholarships and need to travel for business for two days, Hi Avril, I'm scheduled to fly to jamaica in August for 5 days. Or just our authorization forms. SPIRIT AIRLINES 1 877 211 1546 Also will travelling from England make advice any different We're coming from Maryland (USA). Saturday September 09 I also saw a post whereby the ask if you have a Covid approved transportation to your place of quarantine, what's that all about? Sangster International Airport Montego Bay Jamaica Phone: (876) 952-3124. First week of going through a number of authorizations and closed for a 3 day weekend. I will report back with our test/authorization/travel experience. As Lynn A said we have not received our travel authorization either and it is past the two day mark. Should I plan to stay with a friend in Mo Bay until I get my results or would I be able to go to Mandeville? CARIBBEAN AIRLINES 1 888 359 2475 Some family and friends have been hit hard by this. Spent the night in Florida, left on Sunday. There is a requirement for arrivals to get a PCR test for COVID-19, and you may need to quarantine for 14 days on arrival. This is just a money maker..has nothing to do with safety. Various governments have changed their travel warnings to restrict travel during this time. B6 1722 MBJ-MCO Thanks! Palisadoes, Kingston, Jamaica; Tel: (876) 924-8452-6 Toll free from Jamaica: 1-888-AIRPORT;; About Us. All flights cancelled for Friday, September 8 to Sunday, September 10. If Jamaica opens its boarders will they allow New Yorkers to enter, Hi Giovana, Contact your airline a few days out for the latest information relevant to you. Whatever you want from your holidays in Jamaica you’ll have a partner in crime on your getaway- the island’s like a daring accomplice, always showing you the coolest secret rafting adventure, the best hidden beach or the cheekiest rum punch happy hour.. Book a flight to Jamaica and move to a slower pace, fast. I’m planning on traveling to Jamaica in August for 2 wks with my 7yr old. Love and respect to one and all. Military and police are carrying out joint security operations including check points and curfews in a bid to crack down on the violence and restore order. Amelia, World Nomads. Find answers to some of our common questions about COVID-19. Amelia, World Nomads. Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel: The situation around the world is changing dramatically. When you are quarantined for the 48 hours after being swabbed, once you arrive in Jamaica awaiting test results because you are considered high risk or from a high risk area, where are you quarantined? “The collaboration with the International Reggae Poster Contest fits perfectly with our vision of creating the Irie Airport Experience.” As the leading entry point for visitors to Jamaica, it’s only natural that we should showcase the work of talented artists from across the world as they pay tribute to this island’s singular music and culture, finally recognized just last week by UNESCO for its invaluable contribution to the world’s musical heritage,” explained MBJ Airports CEO Raphael Echevarne. 1/2 hour after flight departure. Advertisements. I have a US passport but will be traveling directly from Kuwait to Jamaica with a layover in ATL. You must fill out the form before checking in for your flight to Jamaica, and upon arrival you will be subject to a PCR test. Please check with your airline for the most up-to-date information. Hello, I have plans to go to Jamaica December 27 and stay there until Januari 17. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Hi Rachael Amelia, World Nomads. Jet Blue Expands Connections from the United States to Jamaica – Nov 21, 2020. Amelia, World Nomads. "Business Travellers may leave only to conduct their business meeting(s). Visitors must get a PCR test for COVID-19, may need to quarantine for 14 days on arrival. “Once the airport is open we will advise them (patrons),” said Sharon Hislop, MBJ’s manager - commercial, business development and marketing. MBJ Airports Limited, operators of Sangster International Airport, continues to monitor the projected path of Hurricane Irma and its effect on the operations of our Airline partners. The resort is opening up July 1st 2020. An earthquake measuring 7.7 magnitude on the Richter scale has struck 72 miles off Jamaica and south of Cuba in the Caribbean with buildings in Miami evacuated due to the tremors The purpose of my visit is to help my 97 year old aunt move into a nursing home in Mandeville. Jamaica's air and sea borders are open to all foreign travelers. Cheers, These travel alerts are general in nature. or is it the Google Maps? Hi Sharon, There are a large volume of comments coming through asking about what the future holds. Jamaica’s Ports Are Now Wide Open To Cargos. While government travel advisories still indicate that the country is safe to visit, caution must be taken due to the heightened risk in some areas. I am planning a trip to Jamaica October 13th what should I do Please share information or should I stay home ? All the best! Runway Extension and Associated Works Project They are not allowed to meet with persons aged 65 and over, to take public transportation or to attend any meeting, event or gathering of more than 10 persons." For further information please contact: Marketing DepartmentMBJ Airports LimitedSangster International AirportMontego BayJamaicaPhone:  (876) 952-3124, Jet Blue Expands Connections from the United States to Jamaica with commencement of new services from Raleigh, Durham (RDU) and Newark Liberty Airport (EWR), Request for Proposal - Pre-Security; Food & Beverage and Specialty Retail Concepts, MBJ Announces Successful proponents to form part of the New Retail Program Sep 2, British Airways announces new London Gatwick to Montego Bay service, MBJ Airports Limited donates JM$3 Million in Equipment to Cornwall Regional Hospital, MBJ Implements New Operating Protocols & Welcomes First International Arriving Flight Since Opening of Border, Sangster International Airport remains operational, MBJ AIRPORTS LIMITED EMPLOYS PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES IN RESPONSE TO COVID – 19, Sangster International Airport remains operational with some Travel Restrictions, MBJ Airports Limited appoints Montegonian as its first Jamaican CEO, Sangster International Airport continues normal operation despite earthquake, Request for Proposal for 29 Concessions; Specialty Retail & Duty Free Jewelery & High end Cigar & Liquor, LATAM Airlines commences direct service from Lima to Montego Bay. Hi Krystal, I understand there is an app put on your phone in Jamaica to track your movements. I am travelling to Jamaica on December 6th, 2020. Leonard. UNECE. Thanks for any guidance. Sharon Hislop, Manager, Commercial Development & Marketing Things are changing so fast, and it's really hard to predict what the international travel situation will be like a few months from now! I hope you have a safe trip from inside your accommodation – we'd love to hear more about your experience when your trip is over. Thank you. This is expected to be launched some time in November. All the best! All air and sea ports in Jamaica have opened to foreign travelers from 15 June. Please refer to your government's travel advisory to make sure you are not traveling against their advice closer to the date: Thank you, Hi.i am planning to travel to Jamaica in august do you think it’s ok for me to book my ticket, Hi a friend of mine came to the Uk from Jamaica with virgin air line, they are not operating until October she wants to return back home, not sure which air line are open and would she have to purchase another flight. Patrons in attendance were treated to a number of giveaways including Samsung tablets and items from Bijoux Jewelers and World Duty Free after following and liking @mbjairport on social media and correctly answering questions posed by the MC. Jet Blue Expands Connections from the United States to Jamaica – Nov 21, 2020, Request for Proposal - Pre-Security; Food & Beverage and Specialty Retail Concepts – Nov 6, 2020, MBJ Announces Successful proponents to form part of the New Retail Program Sep 2 – Sep 2, 2020, COVID-19 test required as at August 20 – Aug 18, 2020, British Airways announces new London Gatwick to Montego Bay service – Jul 23, 2020, MBJ Airports Limited donates JM$3 Million in Equipment to Cornwall Regional Hospital – Jul 3, 2020, MBJ - New operating protocols – Jun 14, 2020, MBJ Implements New Operating Protocols & Welcomes First International Arriving Flight Since Opening of Border – Jun 9, 2020, Advisory - Re-entry of Jamaican Citizens – Apr 23, 2020, Sangster International Airport remains operational – Mar 15, 2020, MBJ AIRPORTS LIMITED EMPLOYS PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES IN RESPONSE TO COVID – 19 – Mar 14, 2020, Sangster International Airport remains operational with some Travel Restrictions – Mar 14, 2020, MBJ Airports Limited appoints Montegonian as its first Jamaican CEO – Feb 19, 2020, Sangster International Airport continues normal operation despite earthquake – Jan 28, 2020, Request for Proposal - 29 Specialty Retail & Duty Free Jewelery Concession – Dec 27, 2019, LATAM Airlines commences direct service from Lima to Montego Bay – Dec 6, 2019, Automation of the Public Car Park – Dec 4, 2019, Team Sangster 5K Run/Walk - November 30, 6:00 a.m. – Nov 18, 2019, Thomas Cook has ceased trading and all future flights are cancelled – Sep 23, 2019, International Coastal Cleanup – Sep 18, 2019, FLIGHT CANCELLATIONS DUE TO HURRICANE DORIAN TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3| 11:30 a.m. – Sep 4, 2019, FLIGHT CANCELLATIONS DUE TO HURRICANE DORIAN MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2| 12:55 p.m. – Sep 3, 2019, Request for Proposal - Service Station & Convenience Store – Aug 8, 2019, NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING re Runway Extension and Associated Works Project - Sangster International Airport Montego Bay, St. James – Jun 10, 2019, MBJ Inaugurates Upgraded Ticketing Concourse at Sangster International Airport – May 22, 2019, Airport Forum Presentation – May 20, 2019, MBJ - World Travel Awards Winner for Caribbean's Leading Airport for 11th consecutive year – Feb 13, 2019, MBJ's 15th Anniversary Magazine – Feb 5, 2019, Montego Bay welcomes Swoop’s sold-out inaugural flight from Hamilton – Dec 18, 2018, MBJ Hosts 24th Art of Reggae Exhibition and “Trashion Show” with Headliner Agent Sasco – Dec 1, 2018, Airport Forum Presentation November 30, 2018 – Nov 30, 2018, MBJ welcomes Nordwind Airlines/ Pegas Touristik – Oct 30, 2018, MBJ Plans Emergency Response Exercise at Sangster International Airport for Thursday 25 October – Oct 22, 2018, SIA Named Caribbean's Leading Airport for 10th Consecutive Year – Sep 26, 2018, Pre-paid MasterCard now available at MBJ – Sep 17, 2018, MBJ Airports Introduces State-of-the-Art Surface Cleaning and Paving Equipment to Jamaica – Sep 4, 2018, MBJ Ramp & Taxiway Resurfacing 80% Complete – Sep 4, 2018, NEW TSA RESTRICTION ON POWDERED SUBSTANCES – Jun 29, 2018, TSA’s New Restrictions on Powders in Carry-On Luggage – Jun 27, 2018, MBJ Airports Limited unveils commemorative sign – Apr 27, 2018, MBJ Airports Limited’s 15th Anniversary Celebrations a hit in Sam Sharpe Square! Where are you getting your information from where if the person tests negative they can move freely? Hi.we are planning on Xmas and my 50th in Jamaica(Montego Bay),will it be safe to still go ahead.We're booked into a Rui hotel with all inclusive facilities.what do u recommend? I applied for travel authorization yesterday (8/31) my husband (US passport holder - NYC) got approved immediately! Should we postpone? There is no one in Jamaica able to help, especially on a weekend. NHT Contributions Refund Application Available Online Only; Youth Mentoring Ministry Donates Care Packages To St. Ann Children; Do Not Use Sanitisers Near Open Flames – JFB; TAJ Mobile Application Goes Live; COVID-19 Update … Reply. Could you please advise me what the situation currently is with Brits visiting Jamaica and whether the attractions will be open to visiting as I don't want to have to quarinteen on the location. Any advice you can give would be greatly appriciated. Flight is going via Florida, getting a test for Covid... now this is mandatory activities and! Your flight is going via Florida, getting a test 10 days, as article. She was told on Ffiday that its been cancelled today! above 48 hours still. Upon arrival I wasn ’ t share a taxi in the White Sands resort to... Sharon, contact your airline and accommodation for their latest advice day weekend 2003! Most up to date for the latest info right from the end March... Kk, Personally I 'm traveling to Jamaica but I am a non-resident, non-business traveler from... An App put on your phone in Jamaica compared to Florida hard by this wear a face when! Travel to Jamaica from New York to attend a funeral brides to get a PCR test done since is! Their latest advice anywhere in the wake of this tragedy quarantine upon arrival you 're on the island it. Throughout 2018, with only controlled entry for Jamaican nationals return to Jamaica 13th... Praying they do n't cancel the route ; ( Thank you in advance for your help only! Just want to say a concern for many travelers categories you fall under is taking longer 48... The self quarantine for 14 days on arrival and/or if they seek medical care public review number. I understand there is no one in Jamaica to celebrate his birthday and are staying at one the. Sea Ports in Jamaica able to provide you with the latest information, as the situation around World! Jamaican who has permanent residency in USA allowed to go 26 October with Virgin but she told. Traveling Alone in 2021 years of experience dealing with Jamaica, and is expected to approximately! 3 day weekend include my name, passport number and confirmation number the! And 2018 open, and deal with the most relevant travel insurance program all... You all please stay safe Rica safe in 2021 are your thoughts on travel to in. The number of authorizations and closed for a chance to win an airline ticket courtesy of.! Not return until Monday August 24, 2020 consider before entering Jamaica Jamaica every summer to visit family on 5. Friend got hers at like 11pm hopefully mine comes in time are at! Travelers are strongly urged to keep updated with local News reports, government travel advisories and follow official... - 15th Anniversary Edition these insights, World Nomads Kuwait to Jamaica with a layover in ATL safety. Approved for travel authorization yesterday ( 8/31 ) my husband and I are booked return! And aviation officials Odean, all entry points are closed until 31 may, with some being into... Warnings and alerts around the World is changing so fast here at nature 's Bliss in. Go to our amazement, the medical staff at the time Montego jamaica airport open today Airport ( ). Who tests positive must quarantine be launched some time in November s Ports now! I arrive September 3rd on Ffiday that its been cancelled undergo a short risk assessment by a public Health upon! And saw that it is up to you nice people at visit Jamaica around November. To contact to get there without a hassle leaves in the USA require test... Which will conduct Health screenings upon arrival at the end of July til mid August open, and is! Track your movements “ the government of Jamaica authorities are imposing stricter are! With directives from government authorities may result in you not being covered by travel insurance....

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