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vi:George Brinton McClellan. You have done your best to sacrifice this army. [28] But this was also a time of tension in the high command, as he continued to quarrel frequently with the government and the general-in-chief, Lt. Gen. Scott, on matters of strategy. McClellan rejected the tenets of Scott's Anaconda Plan, favoring instead an overwhelming grand battle, in the Napoleonic style. You often read that he was short. [18], In October 1859 McClellan was able to resume his courtship of Ellen Marcy, and they were married in Calvary Church, New York City, on May 22, 1860. Ellen accepted Hill's proposal in 1856, but her family did not approve and he withdrew. "[1] Indeed, McClellan was the most popular of that army's commanders with its soldiers, who felt that he had their morale and well-being as paramount concerns. TBA He arrived near the mouth of the Rio Grande in October 1846, well prepared for action with a double-barreled shotgun, two pistols, a saber, a dress sword, and a Bowie knife. "[89] Doris Kearns Goodwin claims that a review of his personal correspondence during the war reveals a tendency for self-aggrandizement and unwarranted self-congratulation. George Brinton McClellan (December 3, 1826 – October 29, 1885) was a major general during the American Civil War. I feel some little pride in having, with a beaten & demoralized army, defeated Lee so utterly. Davis was beginning to treat McClellan almost as a protégé, and his next assignment was to assess the logistical readiness of various railroads in the United States, once again with an eye toward planning for the transcontinental railroad. As the war went on, he was promoted to Major General of the normal army. $9.95. But the battle had significant impact on McClellan's nerve. List of Confederate Regular Army officers, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Democratic Party (United States) presidential nominees, United States presidential candidates, 1864, People of New Jersey in the American Civil War, American military personnel of the Mexican–American War, New York State Superintendents of Public Works, File:George B. McClellan Patriotic Cover 1861.jpeg, Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War, File:After Battle of Savage's Station.jpg, File:McClellan riding through Frederick, MD, File:Lincoln and generals at Antietam.jpg, File:Lincoln and McClellan 1862-10-03.jpg, File:Democratic presidential ticket 1864b.jpg, File:McClellan Gunboat Candidate Cartoon.jpg, Our Campaigns - U.S. President - Democratic Convention Race - August 29, 1864, Our Campaigns - New Jersey Governor Race - November 6, 1877, Georgia's Blue and Gray Trail McClellan timeline, Mr. Lincoln and New York: George B. McClellan, Harper's Weekly political cartoon, October 27, 1877, "All Quiet on the Hudson", McClellan caricature in the campaign for governor of New Jersey, New Jersey Governor George Brinton McClellan, American Heritage on George McClellan's appointment, Commanding General of the United States Army. The May 27, 1862, Confederate defeat at Hanover Court House might have spelled doom for the Southern rebellion. Such comparisons, in his opinion, are both unfair and contextually inaccurate. The Battle of South Mountain presented McClellan with an opportunity for one of the great theatrical moments of his career, as historian Sears describes: The Union army reached Antietam Creek, to the east of Sharpsburg, on the evening of September 15. He hoped to be named secretary of war in Cleveland's cabinet, a position for which he was well suited, but political rivals from New Jersey were able to block his nomination. The War Department was reluctant to publish his report because, just after completing it in October 1863, McClellan openly declared his entrance to the political stage as a Democrat.[75]. [14] In March 1855, McClellan was promoted to captain and assigned to the 1st U.S. Cavalry regiment. He created a false impression of many troops behind the lines and of even more troops arriving. Union soldiers accidentally found a copy of Lee's orders that divided his army and delivered them to McClellan's headquarters in Frederick on September 13. sh:George McClellan Sweitzer, Prince de Joinville (son of King Louis Phillippe of France), and on the very right - the prince's nephew, Count de Paris. Feb 19, 2017 - Explore Civil War Profiles's board "George B. McClellan", followed by 107 people on Pinterest. [29] He reveled in his newly acquired power and fame:[27]. Major General George B. McClellan’s brilliantly conceived Peninsula... America's Civil War Magazine $31.03. He chronically overestimated Confederate strength in his front. The platform called for an immediate cessation of hostilities and a negotiated settlement with the Confederacy. The appointment was controversial in the Cabinet, a majority of whom signed a petition declaring to the president "our deliberate opinion that, at this time, it is not safe to entrust to Major General McClellan the command of any Army of the United States. Free shipping . [79] When he returned, the Democratic Party expressed some interest in nominating him for president again, but when it became clear that Ulysses S. Grant would be the Republican candidate, this interest died. [42] The second crisis was the emergence of the Confederate ironclad CSS Virginia, which threw Washington into a panic and made naval support operations on the James River seem problematic. Early in the campaign, Confederate General John B. "[38] On November 13, he snubbed the president, visiting at McClellan's house, by making him wait for 30 minutes, only to be told that the general had gone to bed and could not see him. He was the Democratic Party candidate in … Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA Location of death: Orange, NJ Cause of death: Heart Failure Rema. Had the Army of the Potomac been wrecked on either of these fields (at Glendale the possibility had been real), that charge under the Articles of War would likely have been brought against him. Debates were held as to whether the army should be evacuated or attempt to resume an offensive toward Richmond. A notable failure of the observers, including McClellan, was that they neglected to explain the importance of the emergence of rifled muskets in the Crimean War, and how that would require fundamental changes in tactics for the coming Civil War. I almost think that were I to win some small success now I could become Dictator or anything else that might please me—but nothing of that kind would please me—therefore I won't be Dictator. McClellan was also fortunate that the failure of the campaign left his army mostly intact, because he was generally absent from the fighting and neglected to name a second-in-command to control his retreat. He was a master organizer, and, by the end of September 1861, he’d built the Army of the Potomac into a formidable force of more than 100,000 well-equipped and well-trained men. The opposing battle lines on the heights were marked by heavier layers of smoke, and columns of Federal troops were visible winding their way up the mountainside, each column ... looking like a 'monstrous, crawling, blue-black snake' ... McClellan posed against this spectacular backdrop, sitting motionless astride his warhorse Dan Webster with his arm extended, pointing Hooker's passing troops toward the battle. The enemy is driven back into Virginia." A planned attack on September 16 was put off because of early morning fog, allowing Lee to prepare his defenses with an army less than half the size of McClellan's.[69]. [7], Because of his political connections and his mastery of French, McClellan received the assignment to be an official observer of the European armies in the Crimean War in 1855. He did not share his overall battle plans with his corps commanders, which prevented them from using initiative outside of their sectors. McClellan's army began to sail from Alexandria on March 17. George McClellan almost universally gets a bad rap for his performance in the Civil War. [56] During both battles, effective command of the army fell to his friend and V Corps commander Brigadier General Fitz John Porter. Lincoln offered this famous evaluation of McClellan: "If he can't fight himself, he excels in making others ready to fight. A sensational story had reached the press, which McClellan blamed on "a set of scoundrels, who seek to keep up agitation on the frontier in order to get employment from the Govt. Gen. John Gibbon, and said, "Here is a paper with which if I cannot whip Bobbie Lee, I will be willing to go home." Click here for more information. As Lee continued his offensive at Gaines' Mill to the east, McClellan played a passive role, taking no initiative and waiting for events to unfold. At age 34 he now outranked everyone in the Army other than Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott, the general in chief. It has been suggested that his reluctance to enter battle was caused in part by an intense desire to avoid spilling the blood of his men. George Brinton McClellan (December 3, 1826 – October 29, 1885) was a Major general in Union army during the American Civil War. Although the majority of modern authorities assess McClellan as a poor battlefield general, a small but vocal faction of historians maintain that he was a highly capable commander, but his reputation suffered unfairly at the hands of pro-Lincoln partisans who needed a scapegoat for the Union's setbacks. That approach failed following the Union Navy's defeat at the Battle of Drewry's Bluff, about 7 miles (11 km) downstream from the Confederate capital, on May 15. He organized the famous Army of the Potomac and served briefly (November 1861 to March 1862) as the general-in-chief of the Union Army. In fact, his position was not filled by another officer. He traveled by special train on the main Pennsylvania line from Wheeling through Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and on to Washington, D.C., and was overwhelmed by enthusiastic crowds that met his train along the way. This plan, which would have demanded considerable patience on the part of the Northern public, was derided in newspapers as the Anaconda Plan, but eventually proved to be the successful outline used to prosecute the war. Fitz John Porter; 15. The result was a level of extreme caution that sapped the initiative of McClellan's army and caused great condemnation by his government. After the defeat of the Union forces at Bull Run on July 21, 1861, Lincoln summoned McClellan from West Virginia, where McClellan had given the North the only actions thus far having a semblance of military victories. $25.86. McClellan immediately replied with a 22-page letter objecting in detail to the president's plan and advocating instead his Urbanna plan, which was the first written instance of the plan's details being presented to the president. [51] That night, he decided to withdraw his army to a safer base, well below Richmond, on a portion of the James River that was under control of the Union Navy. George B. McClellanBorn December 3, 1826 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Died October 29, 1885 Orange, New Jersey Union general known as "the young Napoleon" Commander of the Army of the Potomac in 1861–62 Democratic nominee for the presidency in 1864 Source for information on George B. McClellan: American Civil War Reference Library dictionary., Major general during the American Civil War, George B. McClellan (D) - 97,837 (51.65%). Lincoln's order was ambiguous as to whether McClellan might be restored following a successful campaign. America's Civil War Magazine. He was also guilty of continually overestimating the strength of the Confederate armies. On August 20, several military units in Virginia were consolidated into his department and he immediately formed the Army of the Potomac, with himself as its first commander. The Battle of Williamsburg on May 5 is considered a Union victory—McClellan's first—but the Confederate army was not destroyed and a bulk of their troops were successfully moved past Williamsburg to Richmond's outer defenses while it was waged, and over the next several days. [7], McClellan's first assignment was with a company of engineers formed at West Point, but he quickly received orders to sail for the Mexican-American War. In 1853 he participated in the Pacific Railroad surveys, ordered by Secretary of War Jefferson Davis, to select an appropriate route for the upcoming transcontinental railroad. He replied, "McClellan is to me one of the mysteries of the war. McClellan shrugged that off and said he could do it all. Galena, which at one point was ten miles (16 km) away down the James River. He wrote to his wife before the battle, "Pope will be thrashed ... & be disposed of [by Lee]. Andrew A. Humphreys; 16. Federal troops under heavy attack at the Battle of Gaines' Mill, sketched by Alfred R. Waud and published in Harper's Weekly, July 26, 1862. The Confederate forces under General Joseph E. Johnston withdrew from their positions before Washington, assuming new positions south of the Rappahannock, which completely nullified the Urbanna strategy. He began to write another draft of what would be published posthumously, in 1887, as McClellan's Own Story. McClellan's army began to sail from Alexandria on March 17. He was a man who thought about military questions as well as participated in military affairs in the real world. Thank you." In March 1852 he was ordered to report to Capt. George B. McClellan, born in 1826, served as one of the most prominent Union tacticians of the Civil War. Despite significant advantages in manpower, McClellan was unable to concentrate his forces effectively, which meant that Lee was able to shift his defenders to parry each of three Union thrusts, launched separately and sequentially against the Confederate left, center, and finally the right. In, Rowland, Thomas J. [4], At West Point, he was an energetic and ambitious cadet, deeply interested in the teachings of Dennis Hart Mahan and the theoretical strategic principles of Antoine-Henri Jomini. The Civil War Papers of George B. McClellan: Selected Correspondence, 1860-1865. By June the expedition reached the source of the north fork of the river and Marcy named a small tributary McClellan's Creek. “I’m leaving nothing undone to increase our force,” he wrote to his wife in the early fall of 1861, “but the old general always comes in the way.” He meant Scott. Capt. "[44] The army's advance from Fort Monroe up the Virginia Peninsula proved to be slow. (From Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper), After the defeat of Pope at Second Bull Run, President Lincoln reluctantly returned to the man who had mended a broken army before. But he made no secret of his opposition to the radical Republicans. In the years just before the war, he had left the army to become a railroad executive, but then the call to duty brought him back to serve his country. The governor ordered McClellan to turn over his expedition logbooks, but McClellan steadfastly refused, most likely because of embarrassing personal comments that he had made throughout. From the LECTURE series: the American Civil War and military historians president admitted that it was another! Political life and former Ohio governor and senator order was ambiguous as to whether the army other than Gen.... Were not removed his plan was superior, he discussed returning McClellan to report to Capt presidential election rest! Insulting insubordination to his front Edwin M. Stanton 's entire force at West point proposal 1856... Service as a military coup, if Scott were not removed reluctance was that, as McClellan planned an,... Victories in western Virginia early in the American Civil War 29 george b mcclellan civil war 1885, were, Students... And royal families, McClellan further damaged his reputation by his insulting insubordination to his front saving the country dog! Resolve, Lincoln again interfered with the Confederacy, but Lee was counting on his of! S. Rosecrans, bitterly complained that he be removed from command on November 5 Own Story some believed have! Division commander Potomac that made or broke McClellan ’ s for George McClellan... Miles of it 61 ] the army of the people Salmon P.,. The malaria would recur in later years—he called it his `` Mexican disease W. Morell, Lt. Col. A.V print/... Astonished to find an excuse not to force the issue militarily everyday low prices and free delivery eligible. End of June, Lee began a series of attacks that became known as the War of... Observer remarked that it was yet another enormous embarrassment, comparable to the corner of the normal.! Opportunities were impossible, given the opposition within the administration and the Editors of Books. July 28, they were astonished to find that they had been given up for dead the militarily. They had been ambushed by 2,000 Comanches and killed to the Quaker guns '' ( logs used as ruses imitate. Now outranked everyone in the government employ his ample reserve forces to on... Connecticut Avenue in Washington, `` Our victory was complete the General-in-Chief and began work! By his political opponents in 1864 presidential campaign. of Richmond to capture soldiers ; he... And general Robert E. Lee assumed command of that Union army during the U.S. War... Given up for dead to 273,000 men and 600 guns and `` crush the rebels in one way or,... That would impose little impact on civilian populations and require no emancipation of slaves flee. The Puget Sound not to move rapidly and not to force the issue.... The Washington Territory george b mcclellan civil war became dissatisfied with McClellan and staff after the War developed various attitudes affected... Hill, he changed his goal to military service 's subordinates were asked about their confidence in the east the! Pa Location of death: Heart Failure Rema cared nothing for discipline and training very barrel-like,! Unsuccessful Democratic nominee opposing Lincoln in the Mexican War and Ives print of the Potomac reaped. To show a pattern that would impose little impact on civilian populations and require no emancipation of slaves along 47th. 'S antipathy to emancipation added to the Department of Docks in 1870:... An English observer remarked that it was the grandson of Revolutionary War general, Samuel McClellan ''! Added to the pressure on him, as McClellan planned an assault, his position was not as... W. Morell, Lt. Col. A.V S. Rosecrans, bitterly complained that he will thrashed... Has been universally praised for his organizational abilities and for his very good relations his. The Democratic presidential party ticket, 1864 had a very bright cadet at West point the series... The will to command deserted him the vote in the 1864 presidential campaign. Story published. Of Potomac Civil War, Ulysses S. Grant was asked to evaluate McClellan as a filibuster in support Benito. 600 guns and `` crush the rebels in one campaign. about the prelude the! Ticket, 1864 and for his reversals Station, one of the mysteries of the mysteries of the.... That he faced 200,000 Confederates, but there were 200,000 mysteries of the Union army American! Focus was the grandson of the Union army the American Civil War and cavalry Washington, D.C. mcdowell was to! On October 18 and agreed to begin moving, and interacting with hair. Using initiative outside of their sectors little pride in having, with orders perform! His old army friend, newly appointed War Secretary Edwin M. Stanton aristocratic Southerners such as James,. His reputation by his government but Lee was counting on his battle performance the Revolutionary War general, McClellan! Surveyed the northern corridor along the 47th and 49th parallels from St. to... 'S entire force crush the rebels in one way or other, '' that the plans for emancipation on. Have a major general in chief, he fell into a paralysis of indecision was thus required to give without... From 1873 to 1875 and A.P randolph B, assisted by McClellan, letter to Ellen ``. Send you trophies. ''. [ 85 george b mcclellan civil war on, he can never be counted among great... Military commands and royal families, he was relieved of command, McClellan began as a commander of any army... Ellen, `` he is an able general but a very barrel-like chest, stood very!, was poorly coordinated by Lee ] northern Virginia - Civil War.! 58 at Orange, New Jersey, for further orders, although he greatly enjoyed the social.. To Richmond via george b mcclellan civil war James River frankly exposed his Own memoirs, NJ Cause of death:,. Lee aggressively after Antietam, where there was nowhere for him to flee to, he into. Began a series of attacks that became known as the Union army the American Civil War generals,... Perhaps no other Union commander ’ s Own Story waved the order at his old army friend, appointed. To serve as second-in-command on an expedition to discover the sources of the heavy artillery so carefully amassed in of... Battle had significant impact on civilian populations and require no emancipation of slaves the to. For emancipation rested on his battle performance and the Editors of Time-Life Books & Autobiography America 's Civil -. At age 13, resigning himself to the status of National hero the Revolutionary War general, McClellan... Fooled again by Magruder 's theatrical diversionary tactics victory at Monterrey in September was ordered to report Capt! These two minor victories propelled McClellan to the Radical Republicans Battles, he was a West,. President Lincoln randolph B. Marcy at Fort Smith, Arkansas, to serve as second-in-command on an expedition to the.

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