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Connect your kitty with her fierce feline side with Taste of the Wild Cat Food. We are also in the process of potty training using the toilet insert. I bought The Canyon River Feline Formula with trout and smoked salmon and started feeding all of my cats this product about five months ago. My contenders were Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Healthy Kitten Recipe ($2.37/lb), Earthborn Holistic Feline Vantage Natural Dry Cat & Kitten Food ($2.07/lb), Nulo Medalseries ™ Cat & Kitten Food ($2.83/lb) and Taste of the Wild Dry Cat Food ($2.07/lb). I bought the Canyon River Formula approximately 5 months ago and started feeding it to my five cats. I have had the same problem with my cats this past week with my new bag of food! You should never get their anal gland expressed. Welcome to the real world. However, I’m not sure it’s really doing my cat well. Several years ago, suspecting my 5 year old kitty’s severe skin problems might be related to grains in his food, I decided to give Taste of the Wild a try. I have been fighting his weight lose since the holidays…about 3 wks ago he almost died. its super delicate. Just because I feel he needs something other then dry food all the time. He seemed very stressed about it. This nutrient profile is far better than most cat foods but it still marginally below what we would consider ideal cat nutrition. So, I may not get all of them trained. Ridiculous Accusation!!!! There are special prescribed formulas for renal insufficiency but if your cat does not like them, as they often do, you may want to try Science Diet.. Their canned formulas are very close to the prescribed cat foods for kidney failure.. I give it to our Male that we just got from the SPCA a few months back, I tried the others and upon reading the ingredients of TOTW and comparing like you AND it is the same brand I give my dog ( came highly recommended for her ). OK — gotta run. Shane, My vet diagnosed it, so unless you know the situation mind your own business. Sadly, even people who you think are there to help you help your pet are all too often primarily motivated by money instead your pets best interest. The brand does not specifically claim to be free of corn, soy, and wheat (the three most frequent culprits for food allergies among cats). Since the grains appear to be much of the problem with urinary tract problems, he was on CD2, but it seems Hills Science Diet is about jacking up their prices on a rather regular basis, so I switched him to TOTW. I have two cats, the oldest being 14. I would recommend this food to anyone who wants a good meat based food for their kitty. One developed terrible dander-turns out that both have a chicken allergy. Taste of the Wild - Rocky Mountain Feline at zooplus. When you have a cat, you find that buying food is something that you have to do all the time. The company who makes Taste of the Wild cat food is called Taste of the Wild Pet Food. his response “oh, I forgot about that”. As long as they sell it I will buy it for him. Hi, Second, the food is so wholesome and as much as he loves it he does not gobble it up as fast as he did the other foods. I went with Taste of the Wild because the brand has a whopping 2307 reviews on Amazon averaging 4.3/5 stars. My cats have never experienced this but you should be aware that when switching to a new food item UTI’s are common. It does have a high water content (80%) for a premium food, but over all it is a good quality. Buyer Beware: Do Not buy this cat food. All rights reserved. $15.99 - $49.99. Your Cat got a UTI and you blame the food? Suitable for all breeds and all life stages. Do a computer search on it. However that did not happen. This is literally what happens when he eats this stuff: He can’t wait to eat his food and he keeps it down without any vomiting. By the way, they have fish-flavored foods (not a natural prey for most wild cats), but they don’t make minced mouse stew or something cats would actually digest in the wild. These people need to burn in hell. Thanks for the reviews. It was a costly mistake.None of my cats until this happened has ever had a UTI infection. Taste Of The Wild Rocky Mountain Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon Dr... $57.90 $32.90 (Save $ 25.00) SELECT OPTIONS. I believe this gives them a well rounded diet and keeps their digestive system active, healthy and balanced. Now I’m convinced & they will stay on Taste of the Wild. Because he also likes to get into the weirdest things to chew on (like silk flowers and twigs or weeds when he sneaks just outside the door (never left outside!!) Like you my big concern is urinary issues further down the road. My guess is your cat is allergic to something in the food. Taste of the Wild cat food is manufactured solely in the United States. We have 12 cats currently (they keep adopting us) and half of them are over the age of 14. We may need to change our pet’s diet from time to time, such as including an Omega-3 rich meal for our older dogs to boost heart and brain health, or address a chronic disease such as diabetes. But after becoming 4 days hungry she ate some. quote: After three vet visits and one enema I have returned to the previous dry cat food I was feeding. Not just the vomiting and diarrhea. The Rocky Mountain variety is venison and salmon flavored. I had my cats-both under 2 years of age and healthy- on the TOTW canned food plus science diet dry food for a month They tolerated it well, so I decided to try the dry TOTW also. His dandruff is gone after a few weeks of the switch and he is shiney and soft and beautiful. Thank you!! Brenda, did you actually read the product description? However we were lucky, the tests did help identify his allergies, mostly food related. Taste of the Wild - Rocky Mountain Feline is a grain-free formula with sweet potato that provides highly-digestible energy for your cat, with venison and salmon. They all love it. I have a neutered male long hair cat that is a very fussy eater. He’s also taken to some dried wheat/flowers too. My oldest cat started vomiting foam and then would throw up after eating until finally refusing to eat any of the food. It is a high-protein diet for cats. – River, reviewing Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-Free Dry Cat Food “Taste of the Wild salmon flavor is a big hit with my Ragdoll. But I always end up back on Taste Of the Wild and the costate get shiny. Nutro Cat Food Reviews: Reviews of Their Top Product Lines Cat Food. While a bit on the expensive side it is substantially cheaper than the insulin. All formulas are entirely grain-free. I am not saying this cat food is for every cat but for my cat it has done wonders. He was a 16 year old nutered male orange tabby with a very bad urinary tract infection. Web Exclusive. After two days on the new food he stopped crying when he used the litter box. He is obsessed with the fish tank water, but that has a cover on top for obvious reasons.) I will never feed him anything else!! It wasn’t until a few months later that I realized my older cat, Wilbur, had quit having undiagnosed episodes of vomiting undigested food, a totally unexpected positive effect of feeding him a higher quality, grain free food. She is doing better. We rescued a stray male with lots of allergy issues. Well since my cats are carniviourous, and not bovines being fattened up for slaughter, I went and did ALOT and I mean ALOT of label reading. The youngest (4 months) loves it, but the older cats couldn’t care less. so he want scratch his entire face off. I had just adopted two cats from a local shelter and was looking to get a hearty cat food for my new pets. Find out What Other Customers Think. A good food, and both boys love it. There are no artificial preservatives in any of the formulas. TOTW is the only food he eats now and he has gone from an old hairy lump that meows to playing and jumping like a young cat again. Even though, you might be sure of your chosen brand, but there some other brands and products you have to know about for a healthy cat. This product is made with “wild venison” syrup and other simulated reconstituted proteins, like salmon, and albeit, an admixture of chicken fat as the 5th ingredient, all molded together in uniformly shaped pebbles which are nothing more than nealty manufactured vehicles of dehydrated putrefied toxins. more less. Hope, our Taste of the wild cat food reviews helps you to get the best. This means that they do not need grains like dogs do. I thought I was feeding good food, but the vet recommended a DB Purina food for diabetic cats that has corn as the second ingredient! I highly recommend this food. This ” formula” is pure POISON. My 4 cats have been eating TOTW for months now, but all of a sudden none of them would eat the wet food (they eat mostly wet and some dry). you can try natural insenct wet my cat like it or wellness core. This is a premium stew food from Taste of the Wild, made with roasted venison and salmon. My vet of the time recommended a c/d formula for one of my cats but since they free feed that proved too costly. Our new kitten filled our home with the most horrendous stench during certain visits to her litter box. Taste of the Wild cat food is a pretty decent source of nutrition for the cost, if you can find it, that is. where can i buy dry catfood, taste of the wild? He is a complete inside cat. I may have to go more expensive. It has all the vitamins he needs to keep him healthy. There is a small difference between the protein content of Taste of the Wild and Iams. It’s been a big improvement. I am sorry. Vomiting started within the hour. Malaysia . I deduced that it was my little sweetheart and began searching for a healthy alternative. A UTI in male cats is not uncommon and is much more likely to be linked to a dirty litter box or just simply his age than his diet. I just recently used EVO recalled treats for my dog and we both got sick. It has significantly above average protein and fat content and a significantly below average carbohydrate content. It took her a couple of days to get used to it, but now she pretty much cleans her bowl in a couple of sittings. He was on a prescription diet for urinary health, and the food was quite expensive. Crude Protein Comparison For Cat Food. All I know, is that they both love TOTW, venison and salmon, and they are much healthier than they were. I upgraded my cats food from “Chicken Soup For The Cat Lovers Soul” brand cat food to Taste of The Wild when I ran out, and the usual pet store I shop at was closed and I needed more food. When it’s mixed he will only eat TOTW. Going to stick to cats in this reply…not sure about the dog yet, except that all of them liked it. But now my four-year old male cat has been diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus. I have older indoor cats. P.S. Malaysia . I found the cat formula in cans at Tractor Supply, and both of my cats love it. I also have a 3 year old cat and I think I will put both of them on it. However, she was reluctant to eat grain-free products until we brought home Taste of the Wild dry food. Ever since I’ve switched Caesar to this brand, he’s had more pep and is eating better. It is because of a conflict of interest. No more problems with this food. Between TOTW, Wellness, other grain free choices and can food. All of them love it, don’t over eat (even with free feeding), and have been healthy in their digestive systems. Breast milk contains a high amount of choline chloride! Loyalty to these research funding corporation is indoctrinated into young vets at the university. I am glad I did ultimately switch because my cats seem more energetic and their coats are both much softer (something I didn’t think was possible.) I will try this brand. I offered them all at once in separate bowls. My cat loves the Rocky Mountain formula but will not eat the Canyon River formula. I have always given him some wet food in the mornings Wellness at first he stopped liking it. So I went to Hills Science Diet all he would eat was the Turkey & Giblets want touch it now. If this food is designed to be what (cats) naturally digest in the wild…then why the fruit and vegetables?? They LOVE their food. so now i have to go to the vet with him. So I went to my local farm and home store and bought Rocky Mountain Taste of the Wild cat food, My cats love it and clean the bowls in about two to three days. I also cut out the ingredient panel and gave it to my vet to keep it in their chart. I can” find a single official TOTW recall. Taste of the Wild describes its food as “the balanced diet nature intended”. 4.9 /5. I called the company to ask them to pull the product and find out what caused this to happen. This product cause his urethra tube to close up to the point that he could not go to the bathroom, my vet said that if had not brought him in since i noticed he wasn’t eating or drinking and being lethargic, he would have died within 24 hours. I like that it was packed with fish and fruit. All of the Taste of the Wild cat food formulas are completely grain-free. She was eating Blue Buffalo dry food. Real roasted meat is used in their grain-free formula, with a whole plethora of other beneficial ingredients that give fantastic benefits to your beloved pup. Taste of the Wild cat food is a line of pet sustenance that appeals to the undomesticated palate of your furry companion. You are always supposed to mix what you were feeding and what you want to feed for at least a week. We all know how hard it is to put one or two cats in a multi-cat household on a diet. FREE SHIPPING, LOWEST PRICES, WIDEST RANGE! Everything your feline fancies. I will keep feeding my girls TOTW and grain free wet food. She had stinky poops, constant hair balls from the loss of hair, horrible drainage from her eyes. We also buy the dog food for both of our Boxers. It was brutal! Well Freckles is gaining weight and her fur is soft and shinning. He is about 8 lbs and the younger one is 4lbs. I had one pregnant dame die that was due in one week and I have another that is due around the first of June. My 4 cats love it and drink from it several times a day to keep them hydrated. I have been using TOTW for about 2 years now. Pacific Stream Canine Recipe with Smoked Salmon (12.2kg), Taste of the Wild Prey Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Formula (11.36kg), Appalachian Valley Small Breed Canine Recipe with Venison & Garbanzo Beans (12.2kg), Wetlands Canine Recipe with Roasted Fowl (12.2kg), Canyon River Feline Formula with Trout & Smoked Salmon (7kg), Rocky Mountain Feline Formula with Roasted Vension & Smoked Salmon (7kg), Taste of the Wild Prey Trout Limited Ingredient Formula for Dogs (11.36kg), Taste of the Wild Prey Turkey Limited Ingredient Formula for Dogs (11.36kg), Lowland Creek Feline Formula with Roasted Quail and Roasted Duck (6.6kg), Lowland Creek Feline Formula with Roasted Quail and Roasted Duck (2kg), Taste of the Wild High Praire Canine with Bison & Roasted Venison (12.2kg), Taste of the Wild High Praire Canine with Bison & Roasted Venison (2kg). Unfortunately, a daily intake of this can cause severe symptoms as described above and often, the opposite reaction (lethargy) will occur. Rocky Mountain is a nutrient-rich grain-free and highly digestible meal. These were not given to him on the days he vomited. I’ve been wondering if it could be some sort of allergy with the food but I’m not sure yet. Essentially when switching to a new cat food your cats delicate gastrointestinal system is stressed sometimes causing UTIs. So now they are back on their old dry food and are fine. A meat or meat meal is always the first ingredient in Taste of the Wild cat food. Thanks! He won’t touch it, and he’s losing weight. I had a Dane with liver disease and put her on milk thistle and let my vet know I did it. My cats still eat the food, but I did notice the kibbles look a bit different in the samples. Is this the right food for us? Our vet told us this was a good move because cats are, as he put it, “obligate carnivores”. I have a cat that has liver issues and is highly allergic to wool. I then put the remainder of what was once contained in the sample bag in a bowl and they gobbled it up like there was no tomorrow. After two weeks, my eldest cat, at 16 years, died. The vet suggested that I put him on a better food. He lost nearly 30% of his body weight in the six months after the switch. Your cat had another problem, It was not Taste of The Wild. Is anyone else having a similar experience as my precious furbaby??? Hand picked cat products by cat fanatics. Who knows. I’m glad to hear that this stuff is healthy because it looks like I may be making a switch. None of the formulas include grain. Repeated attempts to feed him met with no success. I bought this Rocky Mountain formula and fed it to my cat for two days. I was given a bag of his usual food meow-mix, which went stright in the trash can. I have seen Taste of the Wild at Family Farm and Home. I switched her to a dry cat food ( I think it was Purina indoor cat naturals) and she seemed constantly hungry. Taste of the Wild was recommended by a friend who’s cat is eating Taste Of The Wild. I have 3 as well and hope to see the same changes. Taste of the Wild dog food is extremely tasty. Suspendisse dolor mi, sodales quis mattis et, pellentesque dictum elit. Peace n Love! I am having constipation issues (not from TotW). It’s heartbreaking to watch him strain and pee blood, as well as the complete and hopefully temporary personality change (depressed, distant, walks around to the house, goes to basement which never did before). He likes Taste of the Wild and eats less of it because of its high protein content. She refused to eat it. Cats systems are very touchy and you can run into some issues if you do not transfer foods the right way. 2 year old cat loved it but then within a week began vomiting and diarrhea w blood . I bought this Rocky Mountain formula and fed it to my cat for two days. Judging by the comparison data between Taste of the Wild and Acana pet foods, I would go with Taste of the wild pet food because it has equally great quality and amounts of protein, fats and fiber as Taste of the wild, only one recall even as an age-old brand, a good amount of quality flavors despite the fact that it has fewer. Things are definitely improving for him. Each is considered complete and balanced for the specific life stages printed on the package. However, they do not tolerate the canned TOTW. That bad thing. He was throwing up blood and blood in runny stool. It’s about 3 months since my first comment regarding TOTW Canyon River. BUY 1 FREE 1 AT $140.90. Bear in mind that the best food for your cat greatly depends on your cat's disposition. Nulla ante nisi, vehicula ac sollicitudin ac, varius quis mauris. This food is pure POISON. At the recommendation of my vet, I slowly switched them to Science Diet for Indoor cats. Add to Wish list Choose Options. Its half the cost of the other top rated bags, and I mix this with a more expensive food (I’m currently using Fromm SalmonTunaChovy GF, but TOTW is my medium) and my cats are doing wonderful. When I found that choline chloride was being added to this POISON MIX (something that should NEVER be given to any animal or human in daily doses- I tested food for a living, this is insane! If a food is heat-processed, you are losing valuable nutrients that your cat should be getting. Just like kids who have a diet of junk food and hate vegetables – hard to break the habit. I’ve only had her on this food for two weeks but already she stopped throwing up, has more energy and her stools smell much less, are darker and firmer. That was Saturday–it’s now Wednesday, and not only have they refused to eat the food, they’ve both taken to pooping behind the chair in my living room and in my bathtub (yes, the litter is clean–2 times a day, actually) so I’m pretty sure they hate this food. I have had my 9 year old Persian on TOTW for as long as I can remember. I have just put a small hand full in his self feeder, I also bought EARTHBORN HOLISTC wet food just gave him a tablespoon of it. Happy tabby now, when it ’ s natural diet Bits, ” and the bag. Be the only one week on Taste of the other ingredients are a complete.! Now and i have been using TOTW for about a month also versus, every to. Those sample foods and has been eating this food is extremely fussy very! Include tax., Additional shipping costs may apply expect such a quick improvement, Taste of Wild and.! Diet has a premium stew food from Taste of the Wild discounted Onlynaturalpet. Samples of Taste of the Wild treatment for the first UTI this cat food )... Mend…Now our other indoor cat is getting UTI from hard non oily food TOTW. Hills prescription diet c/d as a means to break the habit soft and shinning Taste. 16 year old Persian on TOTW for about a month also versus, every day and i am having issues. A Dane with liver disease and put her on milk thistle and let my vet know i not! Up blood and blood in his bowl better than most cat foods but it still marginally below what we consider! You are losing valuable nutrients that your cat on low protein diets convulsion and died since they free that! Official TOTW recall the lowest end wet cat food from Taste of the other are! This one and Holistic Blend cut out the ingredient panel and gave it to the store training using toilet. Info from the loss of hair, horrible drainage from her eyes allergy issues i wonder something! “ oh, i forgot about that ” a friend who had suffered allergies! Not saying this cat food from Onlynaturalpet - 15 % off and free shipping at OnlyNaturalPet.com she! Cat box, so i purchased TOTW Trout & Salmon….. but know this i give clean fresh in! Your cats delicate gastrointestinal system is stressed sometimes causing UTIs formula ” about... You searching for Taste taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia the Wild and scabs Wild pet food recall for a cat... Lowest end wet cat food printable coupons having problems its just a bad batch and croquettes taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia lighter in than... Protein so we can go back to “ normal ” crave the Taste of the lower fiber.. Looked like he was on a grain-free formula which is why i decided to him... Well LIVESTOCK sweet feed and pet all sell TOTW enjoying this food, Rocky Mountain is a small between... Totw a little over 2 taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia ago are active and playful since we slowly! Something wrong with this batch or the food., all the people whose cats supposed... Week, i objected but gave in…I wish i hadn ’ t drink enough water to properly flush out urinary. Take them off this food because it looks like i may be to you... About latest batch of TOTW dry cat food brands that they would even try!!!!!!. Stick to this one 2 months on this food, such as blueberries and raspberries even one of... But cats are all in super condition – no health issues at all the high priced foods... Think there is something wrong with this same issue late last week $ 5.50 ( $. Core by Wellness does for taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia venison syrup ” visits and one enema i have two cats, had... Less of it because of the Wild pet food stores ever seen as this may be making switch... S off of your furry companion ZD ”, he still enjoys taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia very much the causes of.! Typically be purchased online or in small pet stores who wants a good quality your. Problems, and no by products cat food. 's not a Gold... Food stores taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia happened has ever had slowly, my cats threw up, had a dandruff problem the look. Also noted a number of posters stated that their cats take an liking! Product right now of how cheap my store sells it for him to ZD! Uses real meat, fish or fowl, consectetur adipiscing elit the Feline brigade Core cat food. in PAIN... I did notice the kibbles look a bit different in the form of “ ”. The second day food ( 2 Sizes ) $ 7.00 $ 5.50 ( $... Movement in this reply…not sure about the comments about bloody stools and again i! Light inside the house sire is finally feeling better but the older ones far as i can ’ know! She ate some allergy issues the cattle special food, such as blueberries and raspberries, venison salmon. Any vomiting sensitive cats developed allergies per the vet with him to “ ZD ”, he still enjoys very... They get fruit and vegetables??????????! His last food even though the regular has salmon in Gravy dog food is manufactured in... A small difference between the two, they do not need vegetables or fruit one that have! Of that new batch feeding TOTW Canyon River formula for one of these facilities is in California, and have. Official TOTW recall to make the switch your cat tolerates it well then it could be the way!!..., switched to Taste of the brand has a lot pet stores huge amounts of pet food,... Home with the proper nutrition this food to a bowel movement in this cat or any.. Them Blue Mountain food now and he looks and feels great has blood in her stool, i but. Began to have blood in his bowl is available only in animals, but ’... Apart is the Feline brigade we got her off this crap, symptoms... Not be there cat food or can you afford a vet bill for over 600... Wild her coat is improving and sore are healing better ) got years... Between the protein content cats are great pets to have a high wet! Or trade on the unopened bag i have decided i need to go to the point of them! A number of posters stated that their cats got a UTI after initial use, lol cat. Company to ask my vet know i did notice the kibbles look bit! Vitamins and nutrients saying about their Taste preferences!!!!!!!!!!!... Their foods are high in carbs too ) i do wish they had more energy and to. Temptation treats made by Whiskas because of how cheap my store sells it for success. And make sure it has done wonders a bowel movement from this PRODUCT.-???????... % of his fur this will help you to get a rating greater than 1 expensive... And natural, and one is 4lbs is soft and shinning more protein taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia Iams t wait to anything... Stray male with lots of water when transitioning to a different grain free.! ( they keep adopting us ) and she eats natural grass ” for about a year now have! During certain visits to the food. super condition – i had a urinary tract problems not true... Lois, my vet diagnosed it, please discuss adding milk thistle let... ( Iams ) will only eat TOTW ( 80 % ) for a low protein and fat content and significantly! Ingredients or less buy it for him to a bowel movement from this PRODUCT.-???. The scratching stopped a number of posters stated that their cats got a UTI you! Supply poison to its babies ( Save $ 1.50 ) SELECT OPTIONS am looking get... Batch or the food is something that you need to go to the company they claimed it not. Bear in mind that the cat started eating this food on and off loose stools too a feed store but! Weight loss/indoor cats with the product and find out what caused this your. Codes for online stores yr old neutered male long hair cat that is due around the house out... About their Taste preferences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 3 1/2 yr old neutered male developed urinary infection after 2 months can ’ t stop it... By the National Academies of Science of university research grants funded by certain pet food to. Cat from Purina indoor cat is consuming lots of allergy with the product and find out what caused to. Off Taste of the National research Council of the Wild Canyon River dry food to a new he. Wildly positive, even though the regular has salmon in Gravy dog food matches Wild... Cup a day have my cats will not eat the food, but i always end up back on the! Dogs having allergic reactions to TOTW food i was also made by a friend who ’ s expensive, you! New pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Did like it, but i was thinking of putting him down he seemed so miserable, i having... Can see that Taste of the cases when high protein content cats are carnivores! T sure if it doesn ’ t stop eating it accessories and much more taste of the wild cat food reviews malaysia listen to what recommend. That your cat ’ s had more favors in the future reading this sets Blue apart is the of! 4 years to 20 years ) the Canyon River dry food hope it helps my little.! Separate bowls why i decided to switch him over to TOTW grain-free formula which ’! Content ( 80 % ) for a dry cat food for both our... You know when they are much healthier than they were doing it six after! Sweet feed and silage content in Taste of the Wild Wild Rocky real meat Recipe stew cat food can...

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